Wolf Bride

WOLF BRIDE: out now on Kindle. Paperback coming November 2013.

WOLF BRIDE is a Tudor Court romance set during the last fateful months of Anne Boleyn's reign and bursting with seduction, passion, jealousy and love.

When Eloise Tyrell is told by her father she is to give up her post as one of ill-fated Queen Anne’s maids of honour and marry the cold, mysterious Lord Wolf, she is horrified. But she soon learns that there is more to her new adventurous husband than first seems – and he ignites a passion in her that she has never before experienced…

"WOLF BRIDE is a scandal-ridden, debauched, decadent and passionate story and will be perfect for fans of Philippa Gregory, Sylvia Day and raunchy, revved-up BBC costume dramas like The Tudors." 


  1. Elizabeth, I run a Tudor book review site called The Tudor Enthusiast, and I am always looking for fun, new Tudor books to read and review for my readers. I saw your trilogy come up on Goodreads and it immediately caught my interest. I'm wondering if you would be at all interested in me reviewing your books for my website. If so, can you get in touch with me at tudorenthusiast@gmail.com? I would love to get some copies from you and get started reading. I'd also be happy to run an interview, or do some other type of giveaway or promotion. I look forward to hearing from you! Here's my website URL if you're interested: wwww.thetudorenthusiast.weebly.com.

    Thanks so much!