Tuesday, 24 June 2014

WOLF BRIDE in bestseller lists

I'm thrilled to see WOLF BRIDE and my other Tudor Bride novels in the Kindle bestseller lists at the moment for Historical Romance, Historical Erotica, Historical Suspense and even Women's Fiction!

For those who have missed all the excitement, WOLF BRIDE is the first in my Lust in the Tudor Court series, a series of interlinked erotic romances set against the drama and intrigue of Anne Boleyn's fall from grace and her subsequent execution.

Book One is WOLF BRIDE: Eloise is one of Queen Anne's maids of honour - until Lord Wolf comes to claim her as his reluctant bride. A tough soldier and a ruthless husband, he demands no less than complete obedience from Eloise. Can she ever bring herself to submit to such a man?

Book Two is REBEL BRIDE: Eloise's younger sister Susannah runs away from home dressed as a boy to avoid an arranged marriage. The only man she wants - and the only man who can save her - is Hugh Beaufort, the king's clerk. But can he ever love such a rebellious woman?

Book Three is ROSE BRIDE: (NEW) Margerie Croft is known as a courtesan, a fallen woman. When the king's physician, respectable Virgil Elton, tests the king's new aphrodisiac on her, she feels more than mere lust for him. But there are many dangers when a courtesan and a gentleman of King Henry VIII's court fall in love.

Saturday, 7 June 2014

52 Ways To Write A Novel


This is just a heads-up that I have a new writing discussion blog. It's called 52 Ways To Write A Novel - one post, every week, for a year, on the art of novel-writing - and is currently heading into Week Seven.

Writers in garrets are no longer alone - thanks to social media!

Each week there is a new QUESTION about writing, which writers at all levels are encouraged to discuss in the comments. Without discussion, it's meaningless, so please come and join in!

Established writers and would-be novelists alike are encouraged to take part in the debate, chat in the comments box, share ideas or even refute what I've said. Also, please let people know on social media if you've enjoyed - or hated - 52 Ways To Write A Novel, and what you make of its topics.

I'd like as many people as possible to have their say.