Thursday, 24 April 2014

Goodreads Giveaway: UK, US, Canada

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REBEL BRIDE from my Lust in the Tudor Court series - a series of sexy individual romances set at Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn's court - is currently up for grabs to Goodreads members.

REBEL BRIDE: Lust in the Tudor Court

He is under her spell...

Hugh Beaufort, favoured courtier of King Henry VIII, likes his women quiet and biddable. Susannah Tyrell is neither of these things. She is feisty, beautiful, opinionated and brave. And Hugh is fascinated by her - despite himself.

Their lust is undeniable...

When Susannah pulls her most outrageous stunt yet and finds herself lost in the wilds of England, Hugh must go to her rescue. Neither of them is prepared for the dangers that lie in wait. Alone together in the forest, far from the restraints of court...

Their passion knows no bounds.

Adults only romance. 

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