Tuesday, 22 October 2013

First review of WOLF BRIDE: 'addictive and compelling'

WOLF BRIDE: out Nov 7th
The first blogger review of WOLF BRIDE was posted today at Victoria Loves Books. And Victoria's verdict on the paperback, which is out very shortly?
'What I expected was a book with lots of sex, what I got was a truly addictive and compelling love story.'
Read the rest of the review at Victoria Loves Books.

I am thrilled by this marvellous first review of WOLF BRIDE, which is my Tudor debut as Elizabeth Moss.

Victoria at Victoria Loves Books concludes her review:
'This was a superb read, addictive, passionate, compelling and hot. A passionate love story which I cannot wait to continue with book two. GOOD GOOD GOOD BOOK! LOVED IT!'

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