Tuesday, 29 October 2013

A Literary Mash-Up or an Erotic Book Meld?

I just love publishing jargon. Some of it is so funny and fiercely inventive, it makes me smile. And I wanted to share with you the most marvellous example of it recently aimed at my new novel WOLF BRIDE.

WOLF BRIDE is out now in digital edition, but is launched in paperback on November 7th. So it's been doing the rounds of the newspaper desks. Last week, The Independent mentioned it in their weekly book news round-up, 'Between The Covers'.

"The two most successful literary genres of the past three years have finally met, in the most inevitable literary mash-up of the 21st century. Wolf Bride by Elizabeth Moss is described as 'Hilary Mantel meets Sylvia Day.' ... It is published by Hodder and Stoughton on November 7th."
A literary mash-up, for those who are unsure, is usually a book which incorporates another pre-existing text within it, often as a parody.

In this case, of course, there is no pre-existing text being incorporated, but rather a meeting - or melding - of two completely different literary vibes. So while not entirely an accurate description, applying the term 'literary mash-up' to WOLF BRIDE does at least have the merit of getting across an idea. The kind of political intrigues and shenanigans at King Henry VIII's court described in Mantel's WOLF HALL come together in my novel with the kind of steamy erotic content associated with one of romance's hottest writers, Sylvia Day.

Personally, I love the label 'literary mash-up.' How about you?

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