Saturday, 8 June 2013

Regency titles all massively reduced!

To celebrate the forthcoming publication of Wolf Bride (Hodder & Stoughton), first in a Tudor romance series set against the backdrop of Anne Boleyn's downfall, I have reduced the price on all my Regency ebook titles.

You can now purchase these Regency tales for only 77p in the UK and under a dollar in the States.

Better hurry while the promotion lasts.

Happy reading!

Elizabeth Moss Regency Romances for Kindle or iPad/iPhone users:

The Earl and His Tiger: Stranded in a remote cottage during a snowstorm, the rakish Earl of Stanton is staggered to discover that his sturdy "tiger" - an elite Regency groom - is actually a female in disguise. (Find on US Amazon site.)

The Uncatchable Miss Faversham: No one knew the "Uncatchable" Miss Faversham was not a respectable virgin. Except Lord Nathaniel Sallinger. And he was never going to let her forget it! (Find on US Amazon site.)

Poppeia and the Petticoat Club:  Miss Poppeia Pickford is sure she does not want a husband. It is just a pity that polite society does not agree with her view ... and nor does her heart, when she encounters a highwayman whose laughing grey eyes seem to penetrate her soul. (Find on US Amazon site.)

A Most Dangerous Lady: Lord Trajan does not believe in the "Petticoat Club", a legendary gang of women who take their revenge on rakes and noblemen like him. But all that is about to change. (Find on US Amazon site.)

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