Wednesday, 14 December 2011

48 hour promo starts NOW!

I've got a 48 hour Kindle promo on "The Earl and His Tiger" starting NOW in the UK and probably any minute in the US.

For the next TWO DAYS, my bestselling Regency romance will be on sale for the mere snip price of 86p in the UK and 99 cents in the States.

Grab it before it's back to its usual price of $2.99 on Friday 16th December!

Stranded in a remote cottage during a snowstorm, the rakish Earl of Stanton is staggered to discover that his sturdy "tiger" - an elite Regency groom - is actually a female in disguise.

Being a duke’s daughter had brought Lady Jane de Montfort nothing but misery and the prospect of a loveless marriage. So she had run away to pursue the only passion she had ever known – a love of horses!

As master and groom, they had been trusty companions. Companionship now turns to desire, resulting in a compulsive affair that must at all costs be kept hidden from Polite Society.

A full-length Regency romance with explicit scenes that go beyond the bedroom door. 73,000 words long.



  1. I just got the book and will be starting it shortly.

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