Sunday, 20 November 2011

Smashwords gets Tigered at last!

I'm absolutely thrilled to say that I've finally cracked the nut of Smashwords' formatting and now have a brand new edition of my best selling Regency romance 'The Earl and His Tiger' available on a wide variety of formats at Smashwords, currently priced $2.99.

So those of you who were asking about PDFs, EPUB, RTF and other formats should now be able to download the book. Hurrah!

It's a revised edition on Smashwords too, where I've addressed some of the concerns discussed by reviewers on Amazon - for instance, that the hero behaved too "coldly" at the crisis of the novel - and generally made it a smoother read. Never let it be said I don't listen to feedback. Indeed, I'm very grateful to those who took the time to review the first edition in such detail on Amazon. Although I didn't follow all the suggestions put forward for changes, I have tried to improve the novel where a substantial number of reviewers agreed on the same issue.

I have also reloaded the Kindle edition to reflect these revisions. If you bought the first or second edition and would like to update it to the current version, I believe it's possible to email Amazon support, quoting the product and/or purchase number, and get this new edition uploaded for free to your device. Alternatively, you could splash out and buy it in a different format from Smashwords.

Anyway, if you haven't read 'The Earl and His Tiger' because you didn't have a Kindle or prefer not to shop for books on Amazon, now's your chance to read it.

The sample at Smashwords is a full 20% of the book, which is about 6 chapters, so you're welcome to try before you buy!


  1. I've got the book in my Wish List on Amazon so I should be able to get the latest version

  2. Cool, many thanks, Lindsay. You're a star!

    I'm really enjoying the new one I'm writing - which has an unusual and very quirky Quaker heroine! - so I'm listening to feedback from reviewers and readers, and hoping to improve with every Regency I write.

  3. The new one should be a very interesting read