Sunday, 14 August 2011

To Be So Close To Heyer's "Venetia"!

I popped along to the Regency Romance Bestseller's list on today, and spotted that A Most Dangerous Lady had slipped three places again to rest precariously at No. 100.

However, if I tell you that Georgette Heyer is one of my top three favourite authors of all time, and that of her books, "Venetia" is among my top three favourite to read again, and again, and again, you will immediately understand how I felt to see that my funny little novella is only THREE spots away from the priceless "Venetia" Kindle Edition on their Regency bestseller list.

I am still breathless and fanning myself!

To be in such close proximity to such a read-again novel as "Venetia", a miraculous love story I first read and fell in love with as a teenage, well, words cannot express my excitement. Even if it's only next door to my own humble effort for a few brief hours or days, I may never recover from this moment.

Ah, to write a Regency hero as languid and to-die-for as the wicked Damerel, and a heroine as clever, untarnished and straightforward as Venetia ...

No, it can't be done,"stoopid!" We can only marvel at Heyer's skill and understanding of human nature, and hope that our own attempts at Regency romance add rather than detract from the genre.

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