Monday, 22 August 2011

The Earl and His Tiger: Publication Week!

She served as groom to a rake!

I'm delighted and very excited to announce that my third Regency romance is now available on Kindle, as of this weekend.

No doubt thanks to the success of A Most Dangerous Lady, my Regency novella, it's already selling well. I even had a review go up within the first 24 hours of this new book being on sale, which is amazing, since it's a full-length read of 72,000 words.

I'd be hugely grateful for any other reviews, either of The Earl and His Tiger or one of the other two Regency romances I now have available on Kindle.

The Earl and His Tiger is also on the UK Amazon site.
The Earl of Stanton is a rake. Jane serves in disguise as his "tiger", an elite Regency groom. When Stanton discovers her sex, passion flares between them. But what rake ever marries his groom?
For sale now: The Earl & His Tiger.

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