Monday, 8 August 2011

2-star Review of 'The Uncatchable Miss Faversham'

Well, I've been asking for reviews of my books on Kindle, and had a lovely 5-star one the other day from Maggi Andersen for my novella,  A Most Dangerous Ladywhich was very kind of her indeed.

But then today I got a rather sad 2-star review of The Uncatchable Miss Faversham, my first full-length Regency romance.

But at least it's a review, and my first-ever review of Miss Faversham!

If anyone has read either of the books - here's my UK Author Page, so you can browse the books, and there's one on too - I'd love even a short review, if you can manage one.

A Most Dangerous Lady has sold several hundred copies in the States alone, with no refunds, so I know it must be out there on Kindles and computers somewhere. I'm just hoping now that one or two readers might be kind enough to stop by Amazon and leave a few comments when they've read it.

The Earl and his Tiger
In related news, I'm getting ready to launch my third Regency, The Earl and His Tiger, very soon. Just a few minor glitches to clear up. It's my personal favourite among my Regencies to date. I love that book to bits and no one will be able to shake my belief in it!

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