Saturday, 2 July 2011

Not Quite There Yet

OK, I uploaded The Uncatchable Miss Faversham, but then decided to change the cover slightly and reload the book file, as there were a few issues with the Kindle formatting.

I seriously hope that's all fixed now.

Within the next day or so, you should be able to buy the new Kindle version. Anyone who's already bought it and wants a better formatted copy, it's possible to ask Amazon to send the reloaded file.

Apparently it doesn't happen automatically, you have to ask. Sorry! I was a bit premature and hit Publish before Previewing the file.

Won't do THAT again!

I'm a little new at this self-publishing lark, though I intend to get much better, as I have quite a backlist I could publish/republish under Thimblerig Press. Maybe I'll branch out after that and publish other people's books too.

It's rather fun, having all the control.

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