Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Mozart's "What?"

Covent Garden, Balthazar Nebot, Tate Gallery
Glancing through my jolly first ever Regency today, I came across Mozart's "Messiah" being played at Covent Garden in 1814.

"What?" I not unnaturally thought.

To explain, I wrote this book two years ago, and the finer details of my research have now floated away on the ether.

So off I trotted to friendly Google, and discovered that yes, there was indeed a Messiah played at the Theatre Royal that spring - check - and yes, it was Mozart's arrangement - check.

But it was originally, of course, by Handel!

I have no idea what was going through my head when I attributed it wholly to Mozart. Not particularly much, I should imagine.

So it looks like a third edition of The Uncatchable Miss Faversham will soon be winging its way to Kindle. While in the works, I shall probably be adding a very brief Preface, which a friend suggested I remove but which I now realise makes all the difference to the balance of the book.

The change involved is very slight, but if anyone who has already purchased their copy wishes for an updated version, or you know of someone who has complained about this clanger, do please leave a comment. I believe it's possible to email Amazon in these circumstances and request the updated version for your Kindle.

Won't be up for a few days yet though. I'll set it in motion tonight, but these things take time to work. Like my brain, apparently.

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