Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Fantastic Early Sales!

I'm really impressed by the possibilities of Kindle and self-publishing. I only published my first two Regencies on UK Kindle and on Amazon.com in the States at the start of July. It's not even mid-month yet and I've sold nearly a hundred copies.

I've done no particular marketing, apart from occasional tweets on my new account which has very few followers. And there are no reviews on the books yet. (Please, please review them if you've read one!) Yet these early sales figures have blown me away.

I anticipated selling just a couple of copies, probably to curious Regency-loving souls as they browsed the Amazon pages. Instead, I seem to have found a genuine readership.

Feeling very happy right now. Thank you, everyone who has clicked Buy!

My second Regency romance, a red-hot novella called A Most Dangerous Lady is also now out on Amazon.com for lovely US readers. I'll blog about it in a short while, and stick up an extract to help you decide if you'd like it.

Lovely British-based readers can get it on Kindle here.

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