Friday, 29 July 2011

Lovely 5-Star Review on

Woke up yesterday to a fabulous 5 Star Review on for my sexy Regency novella, A Most Dangerous Lady.

Sales for that title are now well into triple figures on the US site alone, and this is still only month one. I'm very excited, and can only hope this is the trend of things to come and not just a blip.

It's all happening!

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

The Earl and His Tiger - coming soon!

Here's the cover for 'The Earl and His Tiger', due out as a Kindle book in August. If you hate it, please say so or make suggestions for tweaking.

The fantastic thing about self-publishing is that I can easily change the cover and even the text of the book after publication. It's like magic!

'The Earl and His Tiger' is just nearing final proof edits and formatting stage, with a little help from my friends.

I've got a lovely endorsement from fellow historical romancer Cathie Dunn, whose very marvellous Highland Arms has just launched and which I now possess on my Kindle.

(Cathie Dunn will be guesting here in August to talk about Highland Arms (Wild Rose Press), so watch out for that.)

Meanwhile, to give you a taste for my work, try my fastest selling Regency to date, 'A Most Dangerous Lady', currently available only on Kindle: "A noblewoman masquerading as a highwayman, bent on revenge for her sex, comes up against stubborn Lord Trajan Randall."

You can grab Lady Caroline in the US store or over on Amazon UK.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Write, and Research On the Hoof

No, not a silly pun on the fact that my forthcoming Regency on Kindle is about horses, but a description of how I've learnt to research historical facts when writing. On the hoof, or on the go, or as and when required during the act of writing a novel.

Back in the bad old days before I considered writing historicals for a living, the amount of research involved in getting things right absolutely crippled me. I couldn't start writing because I didn't know what dress my heroine might be wearing and if that was right for that time of day or social occasion or what she would say to Lord Bulge if he offered her tea, or even if tea was the kind of thing gentlemen might offer to ladies in the Regency period.

Then I wised up and realised you have to start writing quite early on. And then just research what you need as you go along. It's the only way.

As a historical novelist, you will never have all the facts at your fingertips. So you either bluff, you tacitly sidestep the gap in your knowledge, or you leave a big CHECK LATER in the manuscript and go back later to insert the correct dress or social comment or beverage.

The last is what I mostly do, though bluffing and sidestepping are good stand-bys.

So if you're thinking of writing a Regency or other historical romance, don't think you have to read 1000 books on dress or carriages or social occasions before diving in.

It works best if you already have a good passing acquaintance with the period you're writing about, obviously. And do read plenty of other novels in that genre too. But once your great idea has come to you, you can just start at Chapter One, take a deep breath, and type CHECK LATER whenever you hit a gap in your knowledge.

Only, don't forget to go back, insert the correct fact, and delete 'check later'!

Otherwise it could be a bit embarrassing when a bewildered and possibly irate reader demands to know why Lord Bulge said, 'Would you care for a drink of CHECK LATER, Miss Fotheringay?'

Sunday, 17 July 2011

New Regency coming soon ...

I have another full-length Regency novel coming soon to Kindle. The formatting needs some tweaking first, and also I'm getting a 'quote' or endorsement from a fellow historical romance writer.

I'm quite thrilled about that. Can't wait to see what she says!

Once it's up on Amazon, I will then have three Regency romances available as Kindle books.  This new one is quite hot in places, but I wouldn't describe it as an erotic romance.

It is full of horses though!

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Reviews - oh yes, please!

Heading into the third week after the publication of my two lovely Regencies, The Uncatchable Miss Faversham (that's a US link) and A Most Dangerous Lady (UK link) and no reviews at all so far.

It's good that no one hates them and has come back to say that!

But I'd hoped someone might be generous and kind enough to come back if they enjoyed my book, and to pop up a review to that effect. Though I guess some people may have bought them and not read them yet. I'm like that with ebooks. I often buy five or ten at a time, trawling through Amazon, and then can't find the time to read them for weeks, sometimes even months!

So I'm hoping it will happen. Meanwhile, if you HAVE read one of them and would like to leave a review, that would be super!

Living in hope ...

Visit my Author Page at Amazon to see the two books. Link in the sidebar, at the top.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Fantastic Early Sales!

I'm really impressed by the possibilities of Kindle and self-publishing. I only published my first two Regencies on UK Kindle and on in the States at the start of July. It's not even mid-month yet and I've sold nearly a hundred copies.

I've done no particular marketing, apart from occasional tweets on my new account which has very few followers. And there are no reviews on the books yet. (Please, please review them if you've read one!) Yet these early sales figures have blown me away.

I anticipated selling just a couple of copies, probably to curious Regency-loving souls as they browsed the Amazon pages. Instead, I seem to have found a genuine readership.

Feeling very happy right now. Thank you, everyone who has clicked Buy!

My second Regency romance, a red-hot novella called A Most Dangerous Lady is also now out on for lovely US readers. I'll blog about it in a short while, and stick up an extract to help you decide if you'd like it.

Lovely British-based readers can get it on Kindle here.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Mozart's "What?"

Covent Garden, Balthazar Nebot, Tate Gallery
Glancing through my jolly first ever Regency today, I came across Mozart's "Messiah" being played at Covent Garden in 1814.

"What?" I not unnaturally thought.

To explain, I wrote this book two years ago, and the finer details of my research have now floated away on the ether.

So off I trotted to friendly Google, and discovered that yes, there was indeed a Messiah played at the Theatre Royal that spring - check - and yes, it was Mozart's arrangement - check.

But it was originally, of course, by Handel!

I have no idea what was going through my head when I attributed it wholly to Mozart. Not particularly much, I should imagine.

So it looks like a third edition of The Uncatchable Miss Faversham will soon be winging its way to Kindle. While in the works, I shall probably be adding a very brief Preface, which a friend suggested I remove but which I now realise makes all the difference to the balance of the book.

The change involved is very slight, but if anyone who has already purchased their copy wishes for an updated version, or you know of someone who has complained about this clanger, do please leave a comment. I believe it's possible to email Amazon in these circumstances and request the updated version for your Kindle.

Won't be up for a few days yet though. I'll set it in motion tonight, but these things take time to work. Like my brain, apparently.

A Tempting Teaser?

Here's a brief extract from my first Regency ebook romance: The Uncatchable Miss Faversham. (Here's the US Kindle link.)

It's only just come on sale, at a very low price, and I'd love some reviews. If you enjoy this tempting extract, and are feeling generous, please link to my book or this page on Facebook or Twitter or a blog. And let me know, so I can follow you too. Thanks!

For five years, Nathaniel, Lord Sallinger, has tried not to remember how Eleanor Faversham fled in horror from his proposal of marriage, though the scars in his mirror remind him daily. 

But when they meet again, Nathaniel finds he is as attracted as ever to the elusive society beauty, and is determined to punish her for it:
`You!' she managed, then gave a choking sound as she realised how badly she had given herself away. Years of training forced a polite smile onto her flushed face and a courtesy into her voice that she was far from feeling. But there was no disguising her breathlessness.

`What a pleasant surprise to see you again. How ... how do you do, Lord Sallinger?'

Seated on a magnificent black stallion, Lord Sallinger looked down at her with an unfamiliar mixture of hostility and icy politeness. His gloved hands barely bothered to pull on the reins, his powerful thighs controlling the animal with consummate ease. `I am well, Miss Faversham, thank you,' he replied, and jerked his head in what passed for a nod of recognition.

His mouth, which she did not want to remember pressed hotly against her throat, was a straight line of disapproval. It had been five years since she had rejected his offer of marriage. Could he really still hate her so much?

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

The Wounded Hero ... and all that buttery Regency goodness

Kindle edition
Woo- hoo! My first ever Regency is now on sale at Kindle. "The Uncatchable Miss Faversham" by Elizabeth Moss.

Not my real name, you understand. Nudge, nudge. Wink, wink. But it will be my pen-name for my Regency romances.

This first one has a wounded hero with scars and a limp, the forbidding Nathaniel, Lord Sallinger. The heroine is the wealthy Miss Eleanor Faversham. Nathaniel has her down as "an incorrigible flirt!" but secretly Eleanor has been pining for him. And that's no surprise. Despite his looks, Nathaniel is a fantastic lover, and neither of them have forgotten their one night of passion years ago. After which, of course, it all went pear-shaped ...

No reviews yet.

I'm a little scared of the reviews, to be honest. But if they are even a little bit positive and help sales, I will be happy!

So if you can buy the book - currently selling at a VERY low price - do please leave a review. It's very cheap, but if you're unsure, you can download a sample of the book to your computer, laptop or Kindle  here in the UK -- or here in the US.

Or just click and buy for your Kindle.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Not Quite There Yet

OK, I uploaded The Uncatchable Miss Faversham, but then decided to change the cover slightly and reload the book file, as there were a few issues with the Kindle formatting.

I seriously hope that's all fixed now.

Within the next day or so, you should be able to buy the new Kindle version. Anyone who's already bought it and wants a better formatted copy, it's possible to ask Amazon to send the reloaded file.

Apparently it doesn't happen automatically, you have to ask. Sorry! I was a bit premature and hit Publish before Previewing the file.

Won't do THAT again!

I'm a little new at this self-publishing lark, though I intend to get much better, as I have quite a backlist I could publish/republish under Thimblerig Press. Maybe I'll branch out after that and publish other people's books too.

It's rather fun, having all the control.

Friday, 1 July 2011


Welcome to my new Regency blog!

Here I hope to blog with reasonable frequency about quirky Regency facts, figures and oddities. I will also be promoting my new Regencies as they appear on Kindle.